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APRIL 2014

Retargeting: The Secret to Subtle Brand Awareness

With the advancement of technology, advertising can build a company’s brand awareness in people’s minds without a huge budget. One such type of advertising is called retargeting. It is quite a hot topic among many marketers nowadays and can be a very effective way in bringing sales. So what is retargeting?...

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APRIL 2014

Don't do it alone

Recently, we have been strengthening our partnerships with several companies and seeking new partnerships so that we can both value add to each other's services. I believe that as a company, it is key to build important partnerships that will be mutually beneficial to both parties in the long run.  I also do ...

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MARCH 2014

Inbound Marketing? It's a Thumbs Up from Me!

Inbound Marketing. Although almost 60% of the business owners have never heard of this term, it has been growing in popularity recently. Personally, I believe it is one of the best kinds of marketing around as it builds your reputation the more you do it. What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is the type of ma...

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5 Questions I Answered At SMU On Saturday.

Last saturday, I had the privilege to speak to a group of 200+ students from Singapore Management University about my views and experience in running a company. You might be thinking: " Wow, that must've been pretty fun and exciting." Though I do not deny that I really had a great time answering their bom...

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