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APRIL 2014

Don't do it alone

Recently, we have been strengthening our partnerships with several companies and seeking new partnerships so that we can both value add to each other's services. I believe that as a company, it is key to build important partnerships that will be mutually beneficial to both parties in the long run.  I also do ...

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MARCH 2014

Finding The Right Balance.

Balance. That's the one thing every CEO, founder, manager and most of us who handle a team, fight to keep. Without it, everything can just fall apart and crumble into pieces. Unknowingly, guilt comes along with it too. It's the same challenge I face every single day. Some questions that most of us would have a...

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Don't start a company without this.

Of all the lessons I've learnt from running a company, none has impacted me more than the importance of a vision. Vision keeps me going in tough situations, helps in critical decision-making situations & gives me direction for both the company and my personal life. Truth to be told, I would've given up lon...

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