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APRIL 2014

Don't do it alone

Recently, we have been strengthening our partnerships with several companies and seeking new partnerships so that we can both value add to each other's services. I believe that as a company, it is key to build important partnerships that will be mutually beneficial to both parties in the long run. 

I also do want to personally thank for offering advertisement credits to our current clients so that they can get ads at a cheaper rate! For those who are waiting for the ad credits, we will be sending the rates into your backend system soon. So do check it out...

Whether you are a blogshop, e-commerce store, push-cart owner or a start up, collaborations are highly recommended. So if you currently don't have any partnerships, here are some reasons why you should start some...

  1. It will help build awareness for both businesses.
  2. It creates more value for your customers and serves as an incentive
  3. It will offer certain stability to the business as well
  4. Partnerships will lead to more partnerships (and in turn, more brand awareness)

For entrepreneurs and business owners who don't know where to start for collaborations, here are some ideas for you as well!

  1. Offer mutual discounts to your customers so that you can attract more customers to each other
  2. Start an event together
  3. Offer adswaps - sending better rates to your clients through e-mail blasts
  4. Package your products together

Offer Mutual Discounts

Giving exclusive discounts to both your customers can be a very good way to increase traffic flow and purchase rates. It gives them more value for the amount they are spending and will build both your reputations.


Participate/Start an Event..

If you're thinking of building a community around your product, starting a small scale event will be one of the best ways to achieve both objectives at once.


Offer Adswaps?

Tell your clients about the other product! Be it a mutual instagram swap, e-mail send out or a tweet, little swaps like these can go a long way.



Package them!

Why not package your products together to your customers? Give more value and increase your sales..


I hope these ideas can help you increase your business for your blogshop and business.. If you have more ideas, feel free to let me know!



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