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MARCH 2014

Finding The Right Balance.

Balance. That's the one thing every CEO, founder, manager and most of us who handle a team, fight to keep. Without it, everything can just fall apart and crumble into pieces. Unknowingly, guilt comes along with it too.

It's the same challenge I face every single day. Some questions that most of us would have asked ourselves even when working in a company.

1. Are we giving enough to our customers? or Are we shortchanging ourselves?

2. Did I set too unrealistic objectives for my team? or Have I set too easy objectives?

3. Am I working hard enough? or Am I not working hard enough?

It's pretty normal to feel this pressure as a leader in any position. However, if we are to succeed in leading our team there are certain things that we can do to alleviate the pressure that mounts on us.

Some keys will include getting feedback from both your staff/team and your customers on what they feel about the certain situation. Of course, that doesn't mean we should change every thing that we receive feedback.(Because we need to weigh and balance the cost and benefits) But it gives you a better view of how you can improve the situation, product and atmosphere.

Another key would include managing of expectations and transparency. Let your customers or team know what to expect even before they start. Preparing them mentally will help you balance and manage expectations(even for yourself) so that you minimize any "surprise/shock" factor due to undelivered expectations.

I hope these are helpful but I guess I don't have the Answer Key and I am currently still learning even as I work. SO if you do have any advice to share or any insightful views, feel free to leave them in the comments below!



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