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MARCH 2014

Inbound Marketing? It's a Thumbs Up from Me!

Inbound Marketing. Although almost 60% of the business owners have never heard of this term, it has been growing in popularity recently. Personally, I believe it is one of the best kinds of marketing around as it builds your reputation the more you do it.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the type of marketing in which you attract people into a content platform where you can educate your readers about your product. It is a non-pushy technique to build brand awareness and does not require hard selling.

So let me share 4 advantages it has over traditional marketing.


#1 It Generates More Warm Leads

According to studies, inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound marketing. Why?

Nowadays, most of us are blind to advertising because of the huge amounts of advertising and marketing that we experience every single day. We are also approached by many sales people and develop a natural barrier towards any marketing efforts.

However, inbound marketing draws prospects to your platform and when you add value to their lives, it does not come across as pushy marketing. Therefore, it is much easier to warm up the leads to your product.

#2 Increases Conversion Rates For Your Products

Inbound marketing builds awareness for your products subtly and helps them to understand how to utilize it in their lives. Whenever a customer understands how a product works fully, it increases their chances of coming back to buy it. That way, it increases the conversion rates for your products. It was reported that 41% of CMOs/CEOs generated positive ROI with inbound marketing.

#3 Builds Trust And Stickiness

If you’re thinking of building a community and trust with your prospects, inbound marketing is the way to go. Giving to your prospects first would help to break the ice and help them understand that you’re here not just to sell to them but rather help them succeed. This would help many customers gravitate to your company and build your reputation.

#4 Inbound Marketing Is Cheaper

Another plus point for inbound marketing would be that it is much cheaper than outbound or traditional marketing. Its cost per lead would be 8% compared to outbound marketing’s 4%. With inbound marketing, there is a higher sticky rate and therefore less budget will be needed to be invested into the marketing campaign. So generally inbound marketing will be much cheaper than the normal traditional marketing.

So yes, inbound marketing is a thumbs up from me! J

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