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APRIL 2014

Retargeting: The Secret to Subtle Brand Awareness

With the advancement of technology, advertising can build a company’s brand awareness in people’s minds without a huge budget. One such type of advertising is called retargeting. It is quite a hot topic among many marketers nowadays and can be a very effective way in bringing sales.

So what is retargeting?

Retargeting is a kind of marketing that specifically targets visitors who have been to your site before. Your visitor’s device will be tracked when they land on your page. After which, they will be served advertisements through banner ads, newsfeed ads and sidebar ads.

How does it work?

First, you’ll be given a pixel to place on your pages of your website. This pixel will track the visitors who land on your website and identify them. When a visitor lands on your website, it cookies their computer and tracks them. After which, it serves your ads to them on display networks such as Facebook, Google and other sites across the web. If you place the pixels on the checkout pages, the retargeting software can even track if your visitors converted into buyers.

You’ll be able to control where you want your ads to be seen and which customers you will want to target.

Why Retargeting?

Ad retargeting reinforces your branding on the visitors who have been to your website before. It has shown in studies that “educated” prospects or prospects who have seen your product are more likely to make the purchase.

With retargeting you’ll be able to understand at which stage your prospects are at and to convince them at the right stage so that you can increase the conversions of prospects to customers.

With Retargeting, you can be more personal and targeted.

The main problem with online media buys are that you don’t really know your customers. Even though pay per click can help you find your most relevant prospects, you will not be able to know if they are ready to buy or if they already heard about your product. Truth to be told, most will be guesswork. So with retargeting, you’ll be able to understand if your customers know you and how much do they know about you.

I hope this helped! If any of you do have more stuff to add, do drop a message below!

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