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Well, an E-commerce business ain't gonna run itself right?

Today, I was driven to write this blogpost because I discovered that most people don't know what to expect in running an E-commerce shop. If you're planning to start an E-commerce business or are currently running one, you will need to understand that it is more than just setting up a website and expecting sales to magically appear. As a matter of fact, certain things will need to be done to ensure an e-commerce shop thrives and survivies.

Here Are 3 Important Rules To Build A Successful E-commerce Shop:

#1 Don't Just Sell. Build A Brand.

One reason why many e-commerce & blogshops never grow big lies in the fact that they don't brand themselves well enough. Most e-commerce entrepreneurs focus on short term profits rather than brand awareness that will yield higher returns in the long run. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to stop selling and start building your brand awareness. People will automatically flock to your shop.

Here Are Some Ways To Build Your Brand:

Use Packaging With Your Brand To Create A Sense Of Entitlement.

Example: Amazon Packaging

Photo via MikeBlogs via Flickr CC

Hold Contests For Your E-commerce Shop To Build Excitement.

Example: ASOS Fashion Finder


#2 Give Quality Service And They Will Keep On Coming.

If there was one thing that would repel customers, that would be poor customer service. People love to buy into products or services that make them feel good and if your service can deliver that emotion, you'll be sure to receive a lot of orders. It will also help you build trust with your customers and therefore increasing your customer retention rate.

Here's a Checklist That You Can Use To Evaluate Your Service:

- Do I Deliver My Product Within 1 - 2 Weeks?

- Do I Answer Support Tickets And E-mails Within 24 Hours Or Less?

- Do I Rectify Problems Within 48 Hours Or Less?

- How Many Complaints Do I Receive In A Month?


#3 Aim To Build A Community Around Your E-commerce Shop.

Having a community built around your business and your brand is by far one of the most important assets you can own. When you have a loyal community of customers, you can be sure that these customers will be talking about your brand and spreading it with their friends. It is literally free advertisement!

So How Do We Build A Community?

- Create Valuable, Relevant Content To Attract Customers & Prospects

Not only does creating content bring in customers but it also provides a platform for you to educate your prospects about your product. This would then increase the chances of your prospects and customers buying into your products and services.

- Organize Events & Platforms To Allow Interactions

Events are good ways for you to get to know your customers and for like minded customers to share about their experiences they had with your brand and product. Giving them the platform to interact would strengthen your brand and instill a stronger sense of loyalty in your customers.

- Use Different Social Media Channels For Customer Engagement

So why social media? Engaging your customers on social media would mean one thing - the interactions you have with your customers can be seen by their friends. It would increase the chances of people getting to know your product and exploring your brand.

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