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We are an E-commerce platform provider looking to revolutionize the industry by streamlining and simplifying the whole experience of starting an online business. Our aim is to introduce to the masses a system so user-friendly and intuitive that any user, without prior knowledge of HTML or CSS, can customize an online store to their liking. Here at Globby, we wish to aid in the success of our clients’ businesses by building up a community of trustworthy referrals/partners that we can tap into to offer a comprehensive solution for all our clients’ business needs.

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Bringing businesses online with the power of analytics.

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Executive Profile

Abel Chua has been an entrepreneur for 6 years. At the early age of 16, Abel started off by building websites for businesses and running online social media ad campaigns for them. He has also given consultations to different businesses and individual business owners to help them improve their online marketing campaigns and increase their ROI.

During this period, he discovered that many business owners had difficulty in understanding their customers, and collecting and using important data. He then decided to design a cloud-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that would integrate E-commerce into businesses to help them simultaneously capture customer data and increase business. After 2 months, the first version called IMS (iMarket Success) website (which would later be known as a Globby Store) was developed.

Having found his passion in technology, Abel turned down a full scholarship for a medical course in the United States. With his Globby team, he has devoted his full attention and time to building softwares that will help businesses setup integrated commerce stores. Today, over 100 online commerce stores are powered by Globby.