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3 Tips To Market Effectively With Your Affiliate Blog

The core point of an effective affiliate marketing on a blog lies in the content. Write content that your target audience would find valuable. Potential good contents are those that are unseen and unheard of, those that people could relate to and be excited about, currently trending and things that arouse people wants to find out more.


1. Affiliate Marketing Starts With the First Impression

First impressions are crucial because they set the tone for a visitor’s entire experience through your website, including any possible transactions that may occur now, or in the future. One should aim to create a trusting environment so that audience will be open to find out more about the products marketed.

2. Only Promote Products That You Have Used and provide description to it.

Credibility and reliability are important especially so when you market via blog. In order to achieve that, promote only products that you have used, and only what you would recommend to your friends who want to achieve similar satisfactory results.

An affiliate link that’s just a banner ad, or a link at the bottom of a post with no real description is a waste. Share your knowledge/ experience from using the products with your audience, and they’ll be intrigued and more likely to click through to learn more.

3. Content First, Affiliate Link Second.

Relevancy of the contents to the promoted products should be high. Considering the description on the products you promote, the content that you write should drive the affiliate links that you offer, not the other way around. Never write posts just for the sake of placing an affiliate link within.


About The Author Yusna is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at GLOBBY (Global Blaze Solutions) . She writes blogs for GLOBBY covering affiliate marketing and strategy. She also establishes and builds strategic relationship with corporate partners. Follow us on instagram @goglobby.

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