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5 Myths about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing exists because it is great, possesses huge potential to be successful and yet, with a pinch of sophistication. For these reasons, there are tons of different affiliate marketing myths lurking out there surrounding all it entails. Whether you are a company needing help or someone looking to start a business, it is important to understand these myths before diving into this affiliate marketing method.

Below are five of the most common affiliate marketing myths as well as reasons why they might exist.


1. Affiliate Websites Don’t Require Much Management

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer, however, it does require a certain level of effort and commitment to make it work. Affiliate marketing is not simply just setting up a website, putting some affiliate links and banners and letting it sit. Google bots discourage this and could potentially leads to your site being penalised, bringing business to a halt.

Relevancy of your contents are very crucial. You will need to continuously improve on your site in order to be successful, and this takes lots of effort and management.


2. You Should Always Choose the Niche that is the Most Profitable

Most people will come to a consensus to this myth. No doubt certain niches that sell products highly sought for often have a good chance of being successful, but that does not equates to be the norm. Certain niches might be successful for some, but not necessarily the same for others.

It is important that you understand that niche well in order to succeed in it or even any other products.


3. You Only Need One Good Affiliate Program to be Successful

This is a myth that potential affiliate marketing companies fall for. While joining just one affiliate program is feasible, it is not recommended and deemed to be unwise since consumers nowadays do comparison as they shop. You would want to work with a few different programs that complement each other.

For example, if you’re a dentist you may want to market toothpaste as well as dental services.


4. Consumers Don’t Like Affiliate Marketing

At times, affiliate marketing seems like an additional step for consumers to get to the products they want rather than shopping at Ebay or Amazon directly. However, it is important to realize that consumers like to make informed decision and would prefer to read up information and reviews on products before making purchase online.

Consumers will definitely prefer the approach that has more personal touch elements to it. Try on the products before you market and provide your honest user experience to make them love your site.


5. Affiliate Marketing Won’t Last Much Longer

Last but not least, this is probably the most popular affiliate marketing myth and it goes right along with the previous myth. Since Google algorithms are changing and putting less value on sites that offer more links than quality content, we agree that affiliate marketing has had better days. However, all is not lost yet, affiliate marketing still has got huge potential for success and makes sense to the world.

About The Author Yusna is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at GLOBBY (Global Blaze Solutions) . She writes blogs for GLOBBY covering affiliate marketing and strategy. She also establishes and builds strategic relationship with corporate partners. Follow us on instagram @goglobby.

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