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MARCH 2014

Tips in Recognizing Affiliate Marketing Scams

Many people don’t truly understand affiliate marketing although they are familiar with the term. Affiliate marketing is marketing that rewards affiliates of a particular business as a result of that business’s marketing efforts. Some are legitimate and some are not.

There are several different ways to tell if a specific type of affiliate marketing is genuine or if it is a scam. A sensible thing to do when it comes to spotting legitimate versus not legitimate affiliate marketing programs is to get a hold of testimonials from the affiliate marketing company.


Research pays off

You do your research on a company before you start working with them, so why wouldn’t you do the same for someone you’re interested in partnering with for an affiliate marketing opportunity? Do a quick internet search on the company and see what other people have to say about it – are the reviews all complaining about how the company was a scam or have people had positive experiences working with the company?


Cost versus no cost

Genuine affiliate marketing programs don’t cost anything to join and the only way that you will ever make money affiliate marketing is if you sell something. Additionally, there is no membership fee in an affiliate marketing program. If you come across an affiliate marketing program that says that there is a fee for setting up or that offer to sell you a website with which to market. If you are considering getting involved in one of those programs, please don’t. Bear in mind that it is very easy to be fooled by scammers.


Degree of difficulty

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you absolutely have the potential to be successful. However, that doesn’t mean that your success will come to you with very little work or effort involved.  You will have to work at it in order to be successful. Also, even if you work hard at becoming a success and in maintaining success, you have to be careful that the business with which you are getting involved is offering you something genuine and worthwhile and is not merely playing on your emotions.


No customer support

There should always be at the very minimum a reliable email address to get in touch with someone from customer service/ tech support if you run into any problems. If you can’t get in touch with anyone quickly then you probably don’t want to do business with them. While there are plenty of legitimate affiliate marketing opportunities out there, there are definitely a lot of opportunities out there designed simply to scam you out of money. Be careful before you jump into any sort of partnership – making a little bit of money and actually receiving the compensation is better than the promise of a lot of money that you never actually see.



Many people have gotten involved with affiliate marketing programs and have become tremendously successful. However, it is very important to be knowledgeable to recognize legitimate from bogus affiliate marketing and to protect yourself when you thing that something might not be right. If you are unsure of a particular program, don’t make a decision that you will regret afterwards. Having your own business can be wonderfully rewarding and satisfying. A lot of people can potentially benefit, if done correctly. However, you must go into it with both eyes open and make wise decisions.

About The Author Yusna is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at GLOBBY (Global Blaze Solutions) . She writes blogs for GLOBBY covering affiliate marketing and strategy. She also establishes and builds strategic relationship with corporate partners. Follow us on instagram @goglobby.

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