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JUNE 2014

Globby Is On TechCrunch!

A few days ago, TechCrunch published an article on Globby. The positive exposure they gave our firm in the global news segment provided the tech community with a nice introduction to what Globby does. It was an excellent article and the Globby Team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Catherine Shu from TechCrunch. Thank you for the support!

Here’s a quick company profile of Globby. Founded on the 21st of June 2013, we were previously known as 'Global Blaze Solutions' and since have recently rebranded over to ‘Globby’. Our vision is to bring businesses online with the power of analytics. For now we are focused on helping local business owners grow since we are based here in Singapore. That said, our platform is global in nature so anyone can easily set up their stores with Globby. 

We encourage anyone to go on and try setting up an E-commerce store with us. Our platform is simple and intuitive to use. Users do need not have prior coding knowledge to set up a website with ease. Running a one-man show or with a small team, small businesses do not have the luxury of time to study their business, analyse their customers and/or strategize how they should move forward. Globby’s system supports our clients’ businesses by providing them with the insights and analysis that they require to make effective decisions.

We're very excited about the series of upcoming projects we have . For a start, we have chosen to establish a presence in the blogshops and fashion community in Singapore. These young entrepreneurs are savvy in terms of technology usage and they are more adventurous and willing to try out a new system. To boost user engagement, we are currently running a competition known as the PYRO contest to encourage local entrepreneurship development. It is opened to everyone. All they have to do is to start an online business with Globby and earn the highest revenue. Winner can win up to $10,000 cash sponsorship! Details on the PYRO contest will be up on soon. We are also working closely with our partners on upcoming publicity events like flea markets and workshops to further engage with existing and potential clients.


To learn more about Globby, we are on Facebook (Global Blaze Solutions), Twitter (@GoGlobby) and Instagram (@GoGlobby).

Pam Wong is the Demand Generation Executive at Globby (Global Blaze Solutions). She writes for the GBS Blog covering e-Commerce insights, fashion, online marketing strategy and business trends.