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Qualities Common among Successful E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to know the secret to success. If you were to do a quick search on the web, you would easily find tons of articles like “How to Be Successful in 9 Steps”, “6 Characteristics Required to Be a Successful Entrepreneur”, etc. While I don’t believe in a sure way to success, I believe that there are certain things that someone successful would do different from those of us who are still figuring our way to the path of success. Here’s a short list of some of the qualities that I thought was interesting to note:




Many of the great things that people have accomplished in life have at first seemed impossible- the first moon landing in 1969, a wearable computer (technology found in google glass). Many accomplishments are because someone had a vision about what he/she could create. So dare to visualize and dream big. After all, having a vision for the future is a way of maintaining hope and motivation when morale starts to get low.


Attitude Towards Failure

End of marriages, retrenchments, deaths in the family, broken dreams, rejections, bankruptcy- everyone experiences some kind of failure in life and how you overcome them is what would make or break you. Setbacks are inevitable; don’t think of them as brick walls in your way, instead think of them as hinges upon which doors of great opportunity swing. These challenges also plant the seed for deep transformation and inspiration. Thomas Edison failed over 10, 000 times until he succeeded when he was trying to invent electricity. He said he had no choice but to succeed because he was running out of options. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom in order to gain enough momentum (and motivation) to make it to the top.


Accepting Other Point-of-Views

In other words, developing a sense of empathy. Often we are afraid that seeing someone else’s perspective could then lead to us losing the argument or be at a disadvantage. But the true value of accepting another perspective lies within broadening your view of a situation so you'll be apt at making better judgments. Having an open mind opens you to new possibilities and relationships with people that could possibly bring an innovative and interesting angle to what you are working on. Also always trying to be right is a distraction that takes energy and time that you could be using to accomplish other things.



Almost every successful person I’ve known of took huge risks, e.g. Marie Curie’s discovery of uranium (radioactive element). Everyone has access to an infinite amount of possibilities, the people who made history didn’t accomplish what they did without trying. People who are afraid to take risks spend a lot of time with regret. But I’m not saying to leap into the unknown with all you’ve got, take risks accordingly by keeping your goals in mind and always being clear about which direction you want to be heading in. André Malraux once said, “Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act.”


Challenge yourself to embrace this list as you work towards your own success!

Pam Wong is the Demand Generation Executive at Globby (Global Blaze Solutions). She writes for the GBS Blog covering e-Commerce insights, fashion, online marketing strategy and business trends.