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The Dorsal Effect

The Dorsal Effect began with a vision to put an end to shark finning and fishing in Lombok Indonesia but upon extensive interaction with the local fishermen in Lombok, our vision expanded to providing alternative livelihood to exploited shark fishermen as well.

About 400 sharks are killed each day at Tanjung Luar, Lombok to be exported to shark fin soup consuming countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and this is not sustainable given the slow reproduction rate of sharks. Also, the biggest earners of this trade are the fin traders as opposed to the boat owners and fishermen who work the hardest but get paid trifle sums in comparison to the lucrative shark finning industry.

With that, The Dorsal Effect aims to help the Lombok shark fishermen see the long term and sustainable tourist value of sharks alive than dead through snorkeling, diving and beach hopping boat tours using the once shark boats, as well as shark adoption and shark tagging programs in the pipeline.

We want to empower the shark fishermen with the chance to earn more equitable income through a steady stream of tourists who wishes to go on their boat tours and actively be a part of shark conservation, putting conservation through conversion in effect. Wouldn’t you want to live in world where your children and future generations can still see sharks alive?


General Price Quotation

Price per person for one day boat in Lombok - SGD150/ pax (at least 4 to go), SGD120 / pax for group of 5-8 and SGD 90/ head for 9-15 people.